Snob Factor: Low

Handy Factor: Hot!

Eco Factor: Low


Acrylics & Blends


Naturals - Plants

Bamboo, Cotton, Linen




Snob Factor: Hot!

Handy Factor: Medium

Eco Factor: Super Hot!

Naturals - Animals

Mohair, Alpaca, Silk, Wool




Snob Factor: Hot!

Handy Factor: Medium

Eco Factor: Hot!

Best for:

  • Busy Kiddies

  • Picnic Blankets

  • Everyday Wear

  • Warmth

  • Casual Wear

  • Toy Animals

  • Decor Items


Best Attributes:

  • Wash 'n Wear

  • Economical

  • Versatile

  • Good Colour Ranges


Make this:

Best for:

  • Babies

  • In Vogue

  • Hip and Happening Wear

  • Warm Climates


Best Attributes:

  • Non Flammable

  • Crisp Detailing

  • Good Colour Ranges

  • Comfort

  • Drape


Make This:


Best for:

  • Soft Comfort

  • Luxury

  • High Fashion

  • Elegance

  • Cold Climates

  • Felting


Best Attributes:

  • Non Flammable

  • High Comfort

  • Long Lasting

  • Heirloom Pieces


Make This:



Find Here:

Find Here:

There is a Yarn Snob in each of us. What we want to knit with is naturally the best of the best. Understanderbly there are very good reasons and the first is the aesthetics. What is nicer than a soft and luxurious blend of Mohair, Alpaca, Cotton, Bamboo or pure Wool ? The second is that what we make we would like to last for as long as possible and in the very best condition.


Taking all of the above into consideration we have to be prepared to the pay the price for these treasures, afterall, we are creating a fine work of art and an artist requires the very best with which to work. And what about those talented folks who make these treasures, we must understand that this requires their time, patience and money too!


As for the Acrylics and man made fibres and all the Blends, there is much to be said for these yarns as well. They also stand the test of time, not to mention how handy they are when it comes to wash and wear for our offspring who put them through some jolly hard tests indeed. We all have some of these knits in our cupboards and bless them for their easy maintenance, and when we reach for them off the hanger or shelf we expect them to look exactly the same as when we shoved them into the washing machine, which they do except when we set that machine on the the wrong setting!   Let's examine their Uses, just quickly and Rate all these yarns as they stand......






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