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Test Knitters Page.




Benefits for Test Knitters !


Test Knitters often take advantage of these offers by

designers as it is an excellent resource for free patterns,

and most times, discounted yarn,  a win-win situation for

designers and knitters alike.


Indie Designers do not have the resources for testing all

their patterns' sizes. In most cases the designers are

working alone and the designing, sampling, pattern

grading, pattern writing and tech editing falls on her/his

shoulders alone.



Test knitting the graded sizes provides a bit of relief in the designers full work load and designing costs so that publishing a final pattern at affordable prices becomes a viability. Besides shortening the vast work load it also offers the designer a quicker turn around on pattern styles.

For the knitters, test knitting provides an excellent source of free patterns and very often, but not always, includes discounted yarn to knitters. I will, to the best of my ability offer yarn at a discount whenever and however I can, failing that I can always offer an extra pattern in lieu of discounted yarn.

Knitters always keep their projects, after sending digital photos of FO's (finished objects/projects) to the designers along with their recommendations for any errata. Sometimes the designer will require a finished project for photographing purposes, in that event the garments will be collected and re-delivered back to the knitter. 

How it works:
♥ Once the test knitter has read through the project, she/he then contacts the designer to apply to knit their chosen size then that size will be taken off the list.
♥ Knitters are obligated to abide to the terms requested by the designer and the acceptance by both parties are deemed as a 'contract'. The reasoning behind this is to exclude any possible mis-understandings for all parties involved, if the 'contract' is accepted then both parties have clear guidelines as to what the knitter and designer requires.

♥ Frequent contact is kept by both parties on the current projects undertaken.

♥ Deadlines are to be kept and respected, if you cannot foresee being able to complete the deadline then make special arrangements where possible.

♥ Patterns are copyrighted and as such it is considered bad taste to share the pattern around with friends or family. Trust is a big issue and the rights of the designer must be respected.



SA Knitters Testing Pool.

I have opened a new page on facebook for free-lance knitting designers and test knitters alike.


Designers and Test Knitters Forum.

A space for knitters, designers and yarn suppliers to collaborate on test knits.


This page offers both designers and knitters a platform to advertise and seek out current test knits, concentrating on yarns easily available in South Africa!


More information about this page will be posted asap.


Please contact me to participate in my test knits!




Knitting Station Test Knitting
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