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All about Wristies ! 

 Just Like That !

I absolutely adore wristies, who does'nt need wristies every day in cold temperatures!
Recently, out and about, I am seeing more and more people wearing them. Not only are they practical, they are extremely pretty and versatile too.  
I'm often asked; " Oh, where did you get those,
I need those!" 

I make them 'in-the -round' but mostly flat on dpn needles. This page is dedicated to wristies and how to make them quickly and easily!


Making wristies is a breeze when worked flat. Once you know how, the basics (thumb extensions) are easily picked up.
This method is so much faster and so much easier than working in the round. Seaming these short seams is very quick too.
Tip: I like to put the wristie on my hand to seam the last inner thumb from the right side.
I  also like to make at least 4 pairs before closing up the seams, a quick production of gifts that everyone adores having.

How to seam wristies made flat  .... Just Like That !

1. Complete wristie hand as per patt instructions   

2. Put thumb sts onto needle as shown in Part 2, and complete as per patt instructions

3. Seam long sides together as shown in Part 1.

4. Seam inner thumb sides together as shown in Part 3.

Just Like That Part Two.png
Just Like That Part Three.png

5. How to: Do a Foolproof seam closure - purled on RSF.

Seaming wrisities.png
Just Like That.png
Just Like Part 2.png
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