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I come from a design and pattern making background in the fashion industry where I worked for many years until retiring.  From my work experience I gained an excellent knowledge of sizing and grading. Many of my patterns are made from the bottom up with traditional side seams which I believe is crucial for some designs for maintaining a garment's structure. Some garments are made using both top-down and bottom-up techniques to keep seaming to a minimal. I have endevoured to use the optimal knitting techniques for each indiviidual style  to ensure that all the hard work you put into your project keeps your finished garment looking good for many years to come.





For your buying confidence it is important that my customers know that I adhere to the Yarn Craft Council Standards and Guidelines for sizing as well as using international pattern writing standards. As well as these important criteria, I load additional tips and notes for completing your projects successfully.



As for crafting, I have engaged in knitting and sewing since I was a child. I still do both and cannot sit in front of the tv or out in the garden without keeping my hands busy, you may even find me hidden in the garden digging or planting alongside with my pets.  Besides these activities I adore long walks, a bit of hiking and my ultimate favourite, swimming, preferably in the ocean. 


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